Seven things iPhones can do that Android phones can’t

For close to one decade, a fierce battle has raged on, fought over a very controversial topic – Android or iPhone. Whilst it did get close for a while, it does appear that iPhone have indeed won the battle for Apple, as iPhones are generally considered a great deal more popular than Android devices. Every time a new iPhone device is released, a lot of buzz and interest is generated, and the phones always go ahead and rake in hundreds of millions for Apple. If you’re not sure whether to go with Apple or Android, to help make your decision that little bit easier, here’s a look at 7 things iPhones can do, that Android phones cannot.

Instant updates – As smart phones rely on such powerful technology, to ensure your device performs at its best, its operating system software should always be up to date. Waiting for an update from Android can be like waiting for Christmas in July. Waiting for an update for IOS devices however, is far less painful because updates become available as soon as they are ready, so users get them right away.

iMessage – Thanks to Apple’s iMessage software, you can actually save money by messaging other people who are using an Apple device. Whether it’s an iPad, iPhone, iPod, or any other device, providing iMessaging is enabled, you can send messages to other devices without eating away at your text messages.

Facetime – Facetime is another awesome feature utilized by IOS devices, that allows users to communicate with one another via video chat, similar to Skype. Facetime is completely free of charge, so you can save money by chatting, without using your minutes.

Complete search capabilities – Whilst Android devices make use of Google, they still do not make it easy to get full search results when you’re looking for something online. This is because the search function leaves a lot to be desired. With iPhones however, you can search for anything and everything as the search function is far superior to other smart devices.

Simply switch to vibrate – Switching to vibrate via Android devices means navigating your way around all kinds of different settings, which can be confusing. With iPhones, it’s as simple as flicking a switch located on the side of your device. When you wish to turn the ringer back on and take vibrate off, you simply flick the switch in the opposite direction.

Siri – Siri should need no introduction amongst any tech-heads out there. Siri is an in-built virtual assistant that allows users to verbally set reminders, manage their calendars, set up appointments, ask questions, and ask for recommendations.

Apple Pay – With Apple pay, users with an iPhone 6 or above, can make payments using a mobile payment service, with their phones. The Apple Pay feature is exclusive for IOS devices, meaning that Android users are once again left being stuck in the dark ages.

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