Radiation from a Smartphone – Is It True?

Technology has made the life of people easier in many ways. Smart TVs have provided means of entertainment while smart phones have made communication easier. Scientists are able to create artificial ears and soon had transplantation will also become common, all thanks to the advancement in technology.

Imagine how would it feel to re-grow an arm, just like Vampires? Awesome, right? Where technology has unlimited benefits, people should be aware of its disadvantages as well. On one hand if smart phones have made communication easier and placed everything, every information at your disposal, on the other hand it is the reason of creating many problems.

⦁ The radiation from smart phones

One of the biggest disadvantages of smart phones is radiation. Everyone knows that electronic devices emit radiations in form of electromagnetic waves which are harmful for humans. Not that someone has actually died from it but still is pretty harmful. If you think you can kill your fussy neighbor with your phone’s radiation then you are wrong. In fact try tying your phone to a rock and throwing at him, it might hurt him and make you happy.

⦁ Can radiations kill?

Radiations emitted from smart phones are comparatively of low frequency so using them won’t damage your brain instantly and turn you into a vegetable. But there effects prevail over a longer period of time.

⦁ Why are radiations of smart phones harmful?

When we talk to someone on a call, you place the phone on your ear which places it very near to our brain. The electromagnetic waves emitted from the phone will travel to your brain and cause damage little damage every time you use it. How? The radiation will reach the brain in less time because it will have to travel only a small distance and will interfere the frequency of the neurons.

If you are exposed to radiation for a longer time, the disturbed neurons will be unable to send messages throughout the body which increases the chances of developing cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and other such conditions.

On the shorter note, these radiations will disturb your blood pressure and may give you headache or migraines. Detoriating brain activity will also make your lazy and lethargic.

⦁ Reduce your exposure

If you want to lead a healthy life and avoid any serious ailment in the long term it is better to avoid phone radiations as much as possible. How? Here is how you can do it:

1. Use hands free to receive a call so that the phone is kept away from the brain

2. Avoid using smart phones as much as you can

3. Do not place the phone near your head or under your pillow

⦁ Conclusion

In today’s time you cannot run away from smart phones and its radiations but try your best to reduce your exposure to them use phones only when needed and avoid unnecessary chats if you want to stay healthier and fit. Or else you might die before growing old or finding you true love.

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