Only charge your iPhone every 90 days

Get real! I didn’t think it could ever happen.

Upon hearing the word “iPhone” a lot of things may cross your mind. Like a gadget that’s expensive yet sleek and stylish, has the entire world’s best applications in it and most importantly is user-friendly.

A person who uses iPhone once, never ever goes back for another brand. Why? Because iPhone is just amazing! It makes you wonder how such a small piece of metal and glass can have so many great functions and applications.

People buy an amazing mobile such as the iPhone to look cool and show off, but they forget every phone has a different need and functionality. They should be handled with care and it is important to understand how every phone is different from the other one.

Over charging the iPhone

It is general concept amongst the people that when a phone battery drops even by 1%, it should be plugged in for charging. This is the main reason why the battery’s life decreases in such a short period of time.

Never over charge your iPhone. Let the battery drain to 30% or 40% and then plug in the charger so that the phone does not over charge.

Drain the battery

If you have somehow managed to buy an iPhone, then rather than keeping it for showcasing have the guts to use it as well. Keeping a phone ideally and not draining the battery’s charging will decrease the battery life. A phone like iPhone is manufactured to be used so it is necessary to use them, decrease its charging and charge again. This will keep the battery and your phone healthy.

Never leave the iPhone plugged in overnight

Leaving your phone on charging overnight so that you get a fully charged battery in the morning is a big No! Manufacturers of smart phones are suggesting the users to avoid this activity as it over charges the battery and heats it up. This means the battery will soon wear out and the user will have to spend a handsome amount on buying an iPhone once again.

Let the battery charge completely

Do not use your phone when it is plugged it or the battery can explode. You might have come across such rumors if you are an iPhone user. It is not that the battery will explode in your face, but the battery needs all it time to gain charging without any disturbance. Fully charged battery in one go will never hurt a battery’s life as charging it over and over again does.


You need to be extra careful when using an iPhone because if you damage it or the battery by mistake, you’ll have to spend your house to get your hands on a new phone. And try not to show off too much by keeping it packed like a trophy, phones are meant to be used and using an iPhone constantly will keep it in good shape, just take care of it and follow the tips mentioned above. Happy iPhoning!

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