Are some folks too dumb to have a smart phone?

The technology is advancing at such a fast pace that it boggles your mind at times. One day you get the news of new smart phone being laughed and wake up to the news of another impressive feature being introduced. You may wake up one day to find a baby by your side all thanks to the rapid technological advancements.

Millennial were born in an era when mobile phones were common and soon converted in to smart phones. So they were always technology savvy and could operate a phone with just one hand. While the older generation never even imagined in their wild dreams that communication could become so easier and with just one click you could save so many memories. Even a toddler these days can take a picture better than his grandpa.

Understanding smart phones: Are people dumb?

It’s not your fault if such technology wasn’t available in your time. Older people are either embarrassed or shy to ask their younger’s one to teach them how to use new phone. It is not that they are dumb; their ego gets hurt if they have to ask for help from their grandparents so they totally avoid using smart phones with an excuse that such technology is just useless.

Try telling your grandfather he could join a dating site and find a hot lady for himself and he won’t ever put down the smart phone again.

Priorities and choices

Having a smart phone depends on whether you want a phone just for communication purposes or for fun. You can make a call even with an old, vintage phone that was introduced in the 90’s and even play games. But if you want to show off by taking pictures and upload them on social media, stay connected with friends and find love on dating sites then of course you will buy a smart phone. Some people are not dumb, but make decision wisely.

They may know how to use it and even have the money, but they prefer spending it on something more important. It is all about priorities and choices.

Some prefer enjoying life

Smart phones have converted the society in to a community stupid, brainless people who take selfies with dead people and think they look cool. Such addicted people would even ask the angle of death to stop for second so that they could upload a status of “dying” with a sad picture to get more sympathies.

Some people know how to enjoy life by ignoring smart phones. They socialize with real people and have better mental and physical strength. In fact, they are the ones who are smart.


Having s smart phone is just a choice. Not having one does not mean that you are dumb in fact it makes you smarter because you know how to enjoy real life, party with friends and make true memories rather than spending your entire day in front of the screens and getting fat.

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